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Ariam Technologies, has the reputation and experience of over 20 years in the computer and communication industry

Service, sales and supply of computer equipment  and peripherals for institutions, businesses and home users
Remote support services to businesses and organizations as well as on-site technician visits

Deployment of cable, installation of computers racks, switches and peripherals
Installing computer rooms, network establishment and implementation of health checks

Training services, implementation and development in the Internet environment, including building of websites, portals and e-commerce sites
Storage Email services and websites hosting on fast servers in Israel and abroad

Fiber optic
Fragment and installation of fiber optic infrastructure for buildings, organizations and private customers

RF communications
Infrastructure and cabling deployment outside and inside the building
Installing racks, installing a satellite RF points and cables
Installing antennas and amplifiers to improve cellular reception

Wired telephone network and telephone points installed in offices, businesses and private homes

Installation of CCTV cameras and DVR systems
Control system setup, viewing and remote control from anywhere

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